Feature Film – 2015


Following the instructions on his brother’s notebook, an old-timer Argentine rock musician travels to the Amazon in search of a Shamanic Healer. He intends to take part of his Ayahuasca Ceremony, as his late brother had planed in the sixties, when they both formed the rock band “Hermanos Santoro”.


The holy trinity: sex, drugs and rock and roll of the late sixties. A captivating clash of cultures.
Gaspar Zimmerman, Clarín (Argentina).

A timeless film, of a humble beauty that shows moments of nobility and fascination like no other. Quattrini is a pure film-maker.
Sebastian Pimentel, El Comercio (Perú).

A mixture of rock biopic, Herzogian road-movie and psychedelic trip. Touching. Full of very good music and an amazing sense of space.
Diego Lerer, Catálogo del Bafici. (Argentina)

The best fiction about rock (and Ayahuasca) that has been shown in our country. Quattrini is one of the most original film-makers of his generation.
Raúl Cachay, Revista Cosas (Perú).

An psychedelic adventure trip. As chaotic and ambitious as fascinating.
Diego Battle, (Argentina).

A genuine homage to the pioneers of rock, rarely seen in Argentine cinema.
Javier Sinay, Revista Rolling Stone (Argentina).

Daring, visceral and free of any mold.
Hugo Sánchez, Tiempo Argentino (Argentina).

The film has an energy based on the love of two very different cultures, but just as thrilling.
Rodrigo Bedoya, El Comercio (Perú)

Compelling story that alternates old times and current fevers.
Paraná Sendrós, Ámbito Financiero (Argentina).

A mysterious and unpredictable journey, fascinating for the viewer.
Alfredo Rosso, Nacional Rock (Argentina).

The journey into the heart of darkness (of the soul) of the rock pioneer that Argentine rock was lacking.
Juan Di Natale, ROCK & POP (Argentina).

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About Planta Madre:
The Mother Plant that the title makes reference to is Ayahuasca, the sacred Amazonic medine that must be administered by a Curandero. During the ceremony, his chants are the vehicle of a spiritual journey, that intertwines the limits of reality and hallucination, of life and death. The film is about the reunion of two brothers bound forever by music, that search for their destiny and healing in the heart of Latin America.

Hermanos Santoro AFICHE

Robertino Granados, Manuel Fanego, Emiliano Carrazzone, Agustín Rivas Vásquez,
Camila Perissé, Rafael Ferro, Santiago Pedrero, Lucho Cáceres, Magdyel Ugaz,
Manolo Rojas, Cindy Díaz, Dona Cotrina y Andrea Prodan

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Director: Gianfranco Quattrini
Producers: Esteban Puenzo, Luis Puenzo and Gianfranco Quattrini
Coproducers: César Fajardo and Rosanna Seregni
Screenplay: Leonel D’Agostino, Lucía Puenzo and Gianfranco Quattrini
Cinematographer: Iván Gierasinchuk
Editing: Hugo Primero and Gianfranco Quattrini
Editing Supervisor: Gabriella Cristiani
Original Score: Ariel Minimal, Marcelo Chaves / Lito Castro and Agustín Rivas Vásquez
Additional Music: Dengue Dengue Dengue, Wemblers de Iquitos, Grupo Ilusión. Dona Cotrina
Sound Desing: Carlos Abbate
Art Direction: Macelo Chaves and Sandro Angobaldo
Wardrobe: Ludmila Fincic and Leslie Hinojosa
Heads of Production: Eduardo Chappa and Mercedes de la Cadena
Creative Consultants: Pipo Lernoud, Cayo Vásquez and Sacha Domenech

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BAFICI (Argentina) 2015
Huelva (Spain) 2015
Unasur (Argentina) 2015 Best Actor Award
Sao Paulo (Brasil) 2015
Busto Arsizio (Italia) 2015
Lima (Perú) 2015
AyaFilm (Brasil) 2016

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Countries of Production: Argentina, Perú and Italy
Production Companies: Historias Cinematográficas, Planta Madre Cine, Alba Produzioni, Puenzo Hnos and Aluzcine
With the Support of: INCAA, Ibermedia, Cinecittá-Luce, Gobierno Regional Loreto, Ministerio de Cultura de Perú
Year: 2015
Duration: 85′