About me

Born in Peru with Swiss, Italian and Argentine blood in my family, I’m a director, producer and screenwriter. I’m a graduate from the Universidad del Cine (Argentina) and I have additionally taken courses in Acting, Art History, Music and Economics. I have developed my carreer in Latin America and I live Buenos Aires.

I’m currently developing two feature films “Impregnated” and “Blood Stitches“. My previous films “Planta Madre” (2015-Argentina/Peru/Italy), “Chicha tu Madre” (2006-Perú/Argentina), “Bosques” (2005-Argentina), “La Semilla” (2004-Argentina) and “Alma Zen” (1997-Argentina) have won various national and international awards, and have been exhibitted in film festivals such as Venice, Locarno, Karlovy- Vary, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Munich, Warsaw, Mar del Plata, Huelva, among many other venues. “Chicha tu Madre” was the top grossing national film the year of its release in Perú. In the FILMS section there is detailed information about eacho one and you can screen in the their full version and/or their trailers. I have also directed and produced the documentary series “Big People” (2011) and the documentary “Mission La Paz” (2007).

I began my career working as a theatre actor and writing, directing and producing music videos for Latin American artists, receiving awards and recognitions from MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine, Inrockuptibles, Much Music, Sí of Clarín, No of Pagina 12, among others. I have directed TV commercial productions in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brasil, Chile, USA and Spain. Many of them have won awards in festivales such as FIAPF, Telly Awards, Ojo de Iberoamérica, El Sol, Diente de Oro, among others. A selection of my work can be seen in this site.

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